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    Change Categories (Outlook 2000)

    I know of no convenient way to update categories in old outlook entries. You can add new categories, and delete obsolete ones easily enough, but unlike say my Quicken data base, that operation does not have the effect of going backwards and replaceing all the old categories with the new ones.

    This may become an issue across our office as we try to systematize the way we track activities.

    The only avenue I know of would be the import/export route where I do a find/replace in the excel spreadsheet and then import the info back into exchange server.


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    Re: Change Categories (Outlook 2000)

    You've stumbled on one of Outlook's major deficits in a group/enterprise environment - categories. There is no central repository to maintain/distribute/share them. Each set is stored locally. There's also no good way to globally update ones in use. Categories are stored as a comma delimited text string. So you have to do a lot of string parsing. We have a need to do this too, so I'll take a look around. But I'm planning on having to write a routine to handle this.

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