In my contacts list is an address entry for my son's family listed as Chris and Patricia Wright. I've used it for a long time. When sending an email, I put chris in the To: line and it comes up. Sometimes I have to highlight it and select the correct Chris from a list.

So, a couple of nights ago I notice that what popped up was an entry that said Chris and Patricia B. Wright. Where the B. came from, I have no idea. I go to the contact and, sure enough, there is a B. there. Weird. But I edit it out and resave the contact. All is well.

Tonight, I go to send an email. I put in chris. Up comes Chris and Patricia Wright, but it has a broken underline. I right click it to select from a menu but, instead, I get a dialog box reading "The name or distribution list has been deleted and is no longer a valid Address Book entry." I go to contacts and it is still there, still pristine.

In confusion, I click the To: button (an act I am not sure I have ever done before). A dialog box opens with an hourglass that lasts maybe 20 seconds and then, voila, is an entry for Chris and Patricia B. Wright. Which it happily inserts into the To: box and, sure enough, has the right email address.

OK, so, where did this come from and how can I protect myself from this apparently hidden double entry bookkeeping?