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    VBA error trying to run Sample database wizard (Office 2000 Sr1a)

    I am trying to create the sample database Assets Inventory supplied with Access 2000 but the wizard hangs when it gets to a certain point. The database appears to be correctly created but when it opens it suffers a run-time error in the attempt to populate the switchboard. The line where this error occurs is:
    Set con = Application.CurrentProject.Connection
    The Error message is:
    "The Operating System cannot run %1"
    I'm using Windows 2000 for the OS.
    What's causing this?

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    Re: VBA error trying to run Sample database wizard (Office 2000 Sr1a)

    I have the same configuration and didn't have any trouble running the wizard and creating the database. Have you tried a detect and repair on Access?

    The message looks like it's failing on a replaceable parameter in the wizard. When I've had wizards go bad in Office 2000, the only cure has been reinstalling.

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