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    Undead System FIles

    I'm having problem amending startup options in Win98SE. When I loaded Windows and drivers for all my bits and bobs, the Creating Live 1024 soundcard installation routine put a couple of lines in my Autoexec,bat file to start SB16 emulation, presumably so that I could have sound from the card when in DOS. Unfortunately, the Plug and Play aspect of the card didn't seem to work as it should and the invocation of the emulation fails, with autoiexec.bat telling me that the IRQ chosen conflicts with a PCI Interrupt.

    I'd rather not change the PCI IRQ so I want to change the SB16 IRQ or, better still, delete the entry from Autoexec altogether and have it load at the time when I want to restart in DOS mode or run a DOS-based game, which is rare. Try as I might, however, I can't amend or delete the damned thing.

    If I uncheck the line in the Autoexec.bat tab of MSConfig, I still get the error message about the IRQ conflict at startup, although the select box for the line remains unchecked. If I use MSConfig to delete the line, the error message is still there and the line has reappeared after I restart Windows. If I REM the line in the Autoexec.bat file itself, the REM disappears when the machine is restarted. If I rename Aotiexec.bat, (to almost anything), the file resurrects itself on reboot. If I move it to another drive, it comes back. If I delete it to the recycle bin, even if I delete it directly to oblivion, the tenacious little [censored] is still there, smiling archly at me and mocking me with the IRQ conflict message.

    What goes on? How do I put a stake through the heart of this stubborn little file once and for all. I've looked through the Windows Help files for some reference to an automatic system restore feature, (or anything similar) and drawn a blank. I've looked in Technet and not found anything there either. My next thought was Norton Utilities, (I use Norton System Works 2000 - except Crashguard), but I can't find any mention of anything apparently relevant there either.

    I have a similar problem trying to turn on DMA for my hard drives and DVD-ROM that may or may not be an aspect of the same issue, but first things first. If anyone can give me any clues as to what's happening I'd be very grateful.

    A copy of my System overview is appended below.


    Steve Tetchner

    Machine profile:
    PIII 600 (100MHz bus) running on an Abit BE6-II mobo (Bios Revision QJ)
    c/w 256 Mb RAM.
    1 x Maxtor 20Gb HDD (UDMA66)
    Primary EIDE: Master - Seagate 8Gb (UDMA33), Slave - Seagate 4Gb
    Secondary EIDE: Master - Pioneer DVD1045, Slave - none
    Adaptec 2940U2W SCSI card (PCI Slot 1)
    No UW SCSI 2 devices (circuit terminated)
    Sony DDS2 DAT drive, Yamaha CRW8424SX CDRW
    Creative SoundBlaster Live! platinum (PCI Slot 4)
    3dfx Voodoo 3 3000 AGP
    3 Com US Robotics 56k external Professional Message Modem
    Logitech cordless mouse & keyboard.
    Belkin F5U120-PC USB DockStation
    Epson Perfection 1200 Photo Scanner ( USB - External)
    Wacom Pen Partner, HP DeskJet 2000C (USBLPT1)
    Kodak DC280
    Palm Vx
    Windows 98 (SE)


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    Re: Undead System FIles


    There has to be another file which mirrors exactly your current autoexec, and is then copied to the root upon shutdown. Try the following:

    Search your system for text contained in your autoexec directory. (If you depress the windows key, and hit "F" you will see a line for "containing text") I too am running windows 98, but I'm on a weird corporate network, and thus far am unable to find a duplicate.

    If that doesn't work, you should write down your existing resource settings for your PCI IRQ's, and re-assign them to something else to see if that resolves the problem.

    Another thing to consider, IF windows98 is re-writing your autoexec.bat automatically, any changes made in the system properties window should be retained. See if you can manipulate the settings there for your SB16 to see if that has any effect.

    Let us know how it goes, hope this helps!

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