Recently after 5 months of enjoying WMP8 it would crash 10 seconds after I tried to use it for
anything, When I opened it I could even play a few seconds of movie or music and then
a window with a progress bar would run saying it was updating library media files --then
I got a box that say Microsoft was sorry for the inconvenience (that's Redmonspeak for whatever
you had is going bye bye) and I crashed to the desktop. I couldn't use WMP8 no matter how
I configured all the tabs on tools. I tried many fixes--read in a lot of books--
went to a website of a WMP enthusiast who has put the link on this forum of his site --it has a lot
of good information but the uninstall on the site for WMP8 did a parlor trick--it put an executable
on the desktop that will run your printer longer than the energizer bunny but has nothing to do with
fixing WMP8.
I went to the MSKB and read and applied Q234019 and Q 306317 and I used dxdiag at the
command line which put up an interesting looking box that made a lot of chirps and I passed
all the proposed tests but I couldn't use the player.
The KB said that these were "extremely useful tools for troubleshooting almost all types of
Windows Media Player issues." Maybe so--but for me ALMOST was the key word here.
They didn't help. I also tried the WMP coding setup, downloading WMP8 from MS and
they said I didn't need it I had it (I did and it was broken or corrupted to use the more polite word)
so I downloaded from a rogue site and it didn't help . After a couple
weeks of trying a number of things, I got the info that fixed me in a couple seconds, so I thought
I would post it in case it helps anyone (recognizing that a number of things could cause a
corrupt application for different people--but the fix worked for three of us who had the problem that
it wouldn't run). I am sure my driver's could have been corrupted; but every check near device
manager and every trouble shooting mechanism came up fine. Every Microsoft test said I had
no problem. Several fixes were proferred from a MS engineer before this one worked.
So here is the holy grail that helped me. Maybe you can uninstall WMP8 but Redmon has
glued it pretty tightly into the Registry and I guess Root and I couldn't do it. If you do find the
regedit that actually uninstalls WMP8 cleanly and lets you reinstall one--I'd be interested in
seeing it. The one on the WMP site on this forum didn't for m

1. Open Windows Explorer, and go to C:WindowsSystem32

2. Rename the wmpcore.dll to wmpcore_old.dll.

If you encounter "access denied", please close all other running
programs and try again.

3. Restart the computer and try again.

If you do this it will fix many problems with WMP8--I don't want to say all because I don't
know that--but one consequence is whatever was in your library won't be there.
I also tried to use Norton System Works' Unerase Wizard for files that seemed to be
the ones but I couldn't get them back--for me just music ripped from CD's to my hard drive.