For whatever reason when I put a CD onto my E drive (which is the CD Drive)
or the D Drive (my DVD drive which should work for the CD) it used to auto play.
Now when I put CD;s from softwear books or learning programs in I have to access the
drive through My Computer and click on it and then generally the files are there.
I tried to go to the Autoplay tab E Drive>Properties and select music, blank CD, ect.
and apply them all set to "autoplay" and it doesn't help. Can someone show me
since this doesn't work what will make a CD Rom from a learning program Autoplay?
I have variable results when I put in the suggested command at the command line.
mostly that it doesn't start the CD.
A related problem is that often there are a number of .exe files besides setup with no
explanation for what they do (including .ini files) and I'm left with clicking on them to run
them and they often open up still more files). Is there anyway to know what the files do
and which files should be opened?