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    XP Power Toys - crippled User Switching

    I downloaded and installed the PT/TU for XP from Microsoft. I know they are unsupported there, so I am turning here for help.

    Right off the bat, the PT/TUI software was buggy (or is it XP's fault?). For example, I enabled the setting for "Windows" key plus Q to enable fast switching between different user desktops - but it never worked (the program would freeze at the new user window).

    Now, after disabling that feature, uninstalling PT/TUI, some problems remain - switching users using the old-fashioned XP log off and log on is not working correctly, e.g., some always-running SW that should be there (like antivirus) is not running; connections to the internet (Outlook and IE) do not work, even though the settings are correct.

    I checked - whichever user is first booted into - everything works correctly. Fast switching to the other user is where the problem arises. Logging off completely and then logging on to the new user allows *more* apps to work right - e.g. Outlook Express and IE, but not *all* e.g. Antivirus and firewall. Quite a dangerous result!

    I uninstalled PT/TUI, tried a system restore, - not working. There may be registry settings or something left over. Please - how do I clean up this mess? TY

    P.S. PC Specs:

    Dell Dimension XPS T600, 256 MB RAM, WinXPHome, dual boot with Win98SE, 10 GIG HD partitioned 5 ways

    P. P.S. - As of January, I noticed the link at MS's site for Power Toys XP was not working any more - maybe they took it down due to problems?

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    Re: XP Power Toys - crippled User Switching

    You are right, PowerToys "...will be available for download in the spring" (which year?). To clean up the mess, try to uninstall and reinstall programs that not working (AV and firewall), but the best solution is - restore your backup or, if you don't have one, reformat your hard drive and start from scratches. (I know, you strongly disagree that that is "the best".) But playing with "Toys", you seemly lost the game...

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