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    Create New Database Query (Excel 2000)

    In Excel, when I go to Data, Get External Data, Create New Database Query, locate my Access database on my school's network drive, and click OK, I get a message that says "This data source contains no visible tables". The database runs fine when opened in Access.

    What does this message mean, and how do I correct it? Many thanks.

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    Re: Create New Database Query (Excel 2000)

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    Do you have access to these tables? I am not familiar with MS-Access, but they may have some privileges and restrictions set on some of the tables and that is why you are getting this error message.

    Best of luck

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    Re: Create New Database Query (Excel 2000)

    There are two possibilities that give this symptom which I have experienced. The first is that someone has the database open exclusively, make sure that users uncheck the exclusive access box when opening the Access file. The second is that the permissions set on the Access database need to be amended using the security permissions menu in the opened Acess database. Have the administrator change these permissions for the tables that you wish to connect to. HTH
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