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    Password Generator and Strength checker


    Can anybody help

    Ive searched google but cannot find anything that is suitable for the job

    Im looking to create or download a password generator for excel and a strength checker to validate them before we add them to active directory

    Ive got to change and check over 100 passwords and generate about 400 new random ones and would like to do this offline and using excel for security reason we cannot use online website to do the job now ive found number of projects claiming to do this but cannot get any of them to work as intended

    Dose anybody know how hard this would be to do

    Password Checker
    I'd like to be able to add additional columns to assess the following:

    B) Does the password in Column A contain any uppercase characters?
    C) How many uppercase characters does it contain?
    D) Does the password in Column A contain any lowercase characters?
    E) How many lowercase characters does it contain?
    F) Does the password in Column A contain any numbers?
    G) How many numbers does it contain?
    H) Does the password in Column A contain any special (non-alphanumeric) characters?
    I) How many special characters does it contain?
    J) If numbers are used, is Column A simply a dictionary word followed by a number?

    and perhaps most tricky -

    K) Does the password in Column A contain any dictionary words?

    And then have a sheet2 that generates random passwords so that we dont have to rely on website to do this job

    Be grateful for any help with this

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    Get KeePass portable and use the password generator from that, then copy to Excel. (Use the preview /generate tab to see a nice list you can copy.)

    As for testing for certain characters, that won't be required if you use a proper generator - testing is pointless anyway if they are for AD because your lockout policy and monitoring will catch any attempted guesses.

    cheers, Paul

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