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    Server2008R2 application server - Physical to Cloud - Suggestions on how to - and which cloud?

    I have an application that runs on a dedicated physical server running Windows 2008 R2. I am concerned that a hardware problem might destroy the application that is installed, because the licencing model for a supporting application on the server is no longer supported by the vendor. The overall size of the application (and OS) is relatively small at around 20Gb.

    The best way of securing things would be to convert this physical machine into a virtual one, and to have it hosted in the cloud. This would be an interim process, because I have a developer who is looking to re-creating the functionality and incorporating it into a new, improved platform.

    Could you give me some ideas on:
    - which virtualisation platform to use
    - which cloud service I should consider

    I did have the application running as a VMWare virtual machine under vSphere 6.1 (quite a while ago) but that server suffered HDD failure, and I lost it all....

    Advice from anyone on this is most welcome.............. TIA

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    Look into Azure. It is competitively priced. You can pretty easily convert an existing OS instance into a VM using disk2vhd. You can get plenty of help from almost any Microsoft partner or local office on getting Azure going for you.

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