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    Question Writing Excel file to SharePoint from Access VBA

    I am stumped. I have this same piece of code in multiple Access databases but in this one it refuses to run.

    Function AddToSharePt(SharePointURL As String, MyPath As String, MyFile As String)
        Dim fldR                As Folder
        Dim fsO                 As Scripting.FileSystemObject
        Dim F                   As File
        Dim xmlHTTP
        Dim SharePointFileName
        Dim tsIn
        Dim sBody
        Dim LlFileLength        As Long
        Dim LvarBin()           As Byte
        Dim LobjXML             As Object
        Dim LvarBinData         As Variant
        Dim PstrFullfileName    As String
        Dim PstrTargetURL       As String
        Dim Password            As String
        Set LobjXML = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
        Set fsO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")    ' Is this redundant?
       ' sBody = Replace(MyPath, " ", "%20")
        Set fldR = fsO.GetFolder(MyPath)    ' <--- BLOWS up here
        Debug.Print fldR.Files.Count
        For Each F In fldR.Files
            If F.Name = MyFile Then
                SharePointFileName = SharePointURL & F.Name
    Before it got here my program grinds away for 15 minutes creating 2 25meg Excel files.

    In references, I have “Microsoft Scripting Runtime” turned on.

    Anybody got an idea for me??

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    What is the value of MyPath? Is that a valid folder path?

    The line looks innocuous enough but if the folder path is not valid then it is going to struggle.
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