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    Question Mesh WiFi without router?

    Maybe someone here can help; TIA.

    Friend's house in an area without any chance for reasonable Internet except a Verizon hot spot via a Jetpack; the Jetpack WiFi covers the first floor reasonably well.

    The Jetpack is no workable solution to get WiFi into the basement (guest room and friend's den) and only poorly to second floor. Repeaters did not work for basement because of masonry walls and too many corners and twists to get there. No reasonable way to get Ethernet down there either.

    So we are looking at mesh WiFi systems a la Eero, Luma, Plume, Google and similar. All of the configurations we have looked at so far seem to rely on a modem type WAN connection with Ethernet port for the internet connection. But the Jetpack does not have an Ethernet port, it supplies only a WiFi network!

    Since I have not found any clear information yet here my question:

    Does anybody know a WiFi mesh system that can work as a repeater by picking up the existing SSID and password and then "meshing" this around the place? That is to work like a single SSID extender without creating an additional WiFi network?

    Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

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    You could look at power line network extenders. They send the signal over your power cable and re-broadcast.
    I've had good results with Devolo units.

    cheers, Paul

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    Eike, I agree with Paul about the use of 'Ethernet-over-Power' network extenders. I've had some great successes with them.

    If you search WSL for 'powerline' and/or 'homeplug' you'll find a number of threads about their use.

    Just be careful about mixing brands. Although it's supposed to be a standard, I've found that some makes of EOP extenders will not work with anything other than the same brand (see this thread for example).

    Hope this helps...

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    Another thing I have heard about powerline Ethernet: if the entire house is on one electric box, then powerline Ethernet will work anywhere in the house. However, if the different parts of the house are serviced by different electric boxes, you might not be able to connect from one side to the other with powerline Ethernet.

    Here is some helpful info:

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