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    Code for Access 2000 doesn't work in Access 2002 (Access 2002)

    I took code from the MS support website to Send the Current Record on a Form in Access 2000 to Word 2000 with Automation. It worked great with Access and Word 2000. Is there any where I can find out how to alter the code to make it work for 2002?

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    Re: Code for Access 2000 doesn't work in Access 2002 (Access 2002)

    We've seen some significant mysteries when using automation between Word and Access 2002. Part of the problem is they change the default access method in Word 2002 when it tries to connect to Access objects. We did some testing which can be found at <A target="_blank" HREF=>Woody's Access Watch Vol 3 No 20</A>.
    In a nutshell, security seems to cause complications, setting the name of the Access application can cause grief, and the behavior between Windows9x/me, Windows 2000 Pro, and Windows XP all vary. One thing you might try is installing SP1 for Office XP - but be sure to read WOW on the gottchas before you do. Hope this helps.

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