I have read through several posts in this forum on the apparent lack of usefulness of the Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) created by the Backup program. Mine contains a setup.log file dating back to approximately when I set up this computer, and even older autoexec.nt and config.nt files containing apparently generic information. And the point is??

Question 1: The online help states in a couple of places:
<hr>The repair process relies on information that is saved in the systemrootrepair folder. You must not change or delete this folder.<hr>
In my case, this folder is c:WINNTrepair. It seems strange to rely on the presence of this folder in the event of a disaster. What is the recommended procedure for backing up this necessary folder? Will it be included on the boot disks I haven't created yet and how often would one want to back it up?

Question 2: If Windows is sufficiently messed up that I have to re-install, I am "conflicted" on the issue of rolling back to the original registry. On the one hand, lots of settings would disappear if I did. On the other hand, since all the applications and system updates and a new IE would have to be installed anyway, what is the point of restoring the current registry, which would contain lots of broken and/or useless pointers? Am I missing something?

Question 2A: If a whole-registry backup is largely useless for disaster-recovery purposes, is there a smart/automated way to back up certain branches of the registry that would be the most tedious (or otherwise impossible) to restore? (For example, my trusted and restricted sites and other IE settings.) Perhaps this is a question for Software Finds and Wants...

All comments appreciated.