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    Pre-Dial Terminal Screen

    While trying to fix one problem I have another. Murphy! I have a pre-dial terminal screen when I dial for mail or internet. I have tried to clear it the normal way but do not have any info in the Scripting Tab nor do I have the Options tab to fix this mess. Any suggestions out there?

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    Re: Pre-Dial Terminal Screen

    Hi Norma:

    Not sure on this one. If your using a modem & look on the scripting tab, you say it's blank (for a script file). That's the way mine was when I used a modem. There's a place to tick that says "start terminal screen minimized". On mine, it's ticked. Try that & see if it helps.

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    Re: Pre-Dial Terminal Screen

    Thanks for the reply Phil. I tried your suggestion and nothing happened so I kept on searching.I found it in the Express program, Tools, General - Super Exp voice (or something that I thought was not in use) - Options and there it was, 2 boxes one to show Pre-dial screen before dialing and one after dialing. Unclicked the dial before box and voila! Learned another thing today. Thanks again.

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