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    Slow Startup from logon

    When I logon the start up time is 3-5 minutes (this is after initial boot is complete). No matter what I do I cannot make it quicker. When I ran the beta version of XP Pro it was very quick, but since loading the production version (XP Home) it is very slow. Once I am logged on it is all very quick again. The 'slowness' also occurs when you shut down - logging off is quick, but shut down takes about 5 minutes. The only thing that is slow once logged on is anything to do with my CD drive. Again, this was perfectly okay in previous OSs. I have updated all drivers and even removed everything from initial startup but nothing helps. The problem seems to have occurred when I 'tweaked' the system using Xteq Xsetup. I returned all settings to the original but to no avail

    My config is:

    Pentium III 850
    448Mb RAM (100)
    1 x 6Gb C: drive (7200rpm, 66 ultraDMA)
    1 x 40GB drive partitioned for a 'few' other drives (7200 rpm, 66 ultraDMA)
    Drives on separate IDE controllers
    1 x 24xCD
    Soundblaster Audigy card (recent addition, problems occurred before and after)

    Anyone got any ideas?

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    Re: Slow Startup from logon

    I am using WinXP Pro. When I first installed it I had the same problem. I ultimately found that there were two items causing the problem. 1), I had an apparently defective USB hub. It worked with Win2K, but XP didn't like it. A new $20 hub fixed that one. 2) I had a second parallel port card that provided the connection for a second printer on this PC. I found, after much difficulty, that XP does not support 2 LPTs very well. I replaced that card with a USB printer cable. Now everything boots rapidly and runs well..

    You might try disconnecting various add-on items you have, try the boot. If it boots "normally", add the items one at a time until you find the culpret.....if there is one.

    Why your system would work with the beta is a bit of a mystery. Speaking of that, is your install a clean install, or did you put it on top of some former installation? If you did the latter, that could be the problem.

    Good Luck.

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