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    Pasting and Sorting

    Help please!
    I have a large spreadsheet that I'm using as mail merge data for labels. I created it from a converted text file from another organization and then pasted in 3 separate chunks from other Excel spreadsheets.

    My problem is when I try to sort the whole sheet by zip code, it sorts the converted section separate from the database section, effectively creating two zip-sorted files in one. It will sort the whole file by city or address, but not by zip.

    I've tried changing the cell format for the whole column, sorting a small section near the transition point, and cutting one record out and pasting it at the bottom and then sorting. Nothing is working...
    Is there anything I can do to make it all one list?


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    Re: Pasting and Sorting

    The usual problem is a mix of text, numbers and zip-code formatted numbers. There's a good discussion of Zip Code sorting problems in <A target="_blank" HREF=>this</A> thread that should help you (read the entire thread, don't be put off by the side discussion on sorting). If it doesn't help, come back and ask again.
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