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    IE6 Uninstall (6.0.2600.00000C)

    Hello Folks,

    Recently our company did an upgrade to IE6. Our shop consists of NT4 (SP6a) and W2K (SP2) workstations. During our preps for the upgrade we performed one for a user which was a 'custom' upgrade - meaning that it performed all the Security Setting adjustments during the install. It also proceeds to blank out the 'Custom Level' buttons for security settings, thereby locking out any changes that a user may wish to make. We ultimately decided not to go with this type of install because among other things we discovered that certain Office 97 apps (in our case PowerPoint) will not launch from a shortcut/link on a webpage.

    I am now attempting to remove this erroneous build and place the build that does work on this workstation. However, it will not remove via the 'Add/Remove' app. It has been suggested that I may have to make some very specific registry adjustments. (OH MY GOD!!)

    Has anyone had to perform this type of removal of IE? If so, can you please suggest an intelligent course of action. I have a very healthy respect for the W2K registry. Although I have made some adjustments in other cases, I don't by any means think that I can just traipse around in there and do what I need to do without some very specific guidance.

    i humbly ask for any knowledgeable/experienced help on the subject.

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    Re: IE6 Uninstall (6.0.2600.00000C)

    Either in Windows 2000 or the Windows 2000 resource kit, there is a program called Policy Editor or Policy Administrator. Using this program, you can navigate users' registries in a program-oriented tree structure and edit specific policy restrictions without having to use the more hardcore registry editor. I'm making some assumptions here that the restrictions are stored as policies, and I'm not taking the time to dig around at MS for the actual program name, but I hope this is enough to get started.

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