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    Archiving not working (2000 SR-1)

    My Outlook appears not to be properly archiving the deleted messages folders from outlook.pst to archive.pst.

    In the mornings, I get an "operation failed" message (without further details) - I think that is the time OL is set to autoarchive, and I recall one specific message talking about the deleted folder. I know something is amiss because the autoarchive is set to archive anything older than 2 mos in that folder, and it is holding up to 3 or more months now

    If I try to manually move a single (or more) item from Deleted in personal folders to deleted in archived folders, Outlook whines and says, "can't move item".

    I read elsewhere in the lounge about the "dreaded 2 gig limit" on the .pst file, what is that? outlook.pst in my computer is only about 180 MB & archive.pst is about 275 MB

    Any ideas? Many TIA

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    Re: Archiving not working (2000 SR-1)

    Not sure that this will help but the archive system doesn't actually work on the sent/received date. As far as I can remember it works on the date the message was last processed - opened, printed, viewed in preview. It might be that the messages for the above reason are not archiving.

    It might also be worth your while checking the auto archive settings on the delete folder as by default I think this is set to delete the messages rather than archive them.

    You could also try performing a manual archive on the folder and setting the date to keep closer to today and see if that has the required effect.

    I think there is a posting from someone called Silverback somewhere on this forum that helped me with a similar issue it might be worth finding that.

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