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    Minimising file size (2000)

    We are currently working on a large Excel file (at present 80meg). Are there any ways to make this file easier to use? We have calculation set to manual, all links are manually updated.

    Does the length of formulas change the file size? By this I mean does it make a difference whether you have one cell with a lengthy formula (250 characters) or whether you use a few cells with smaller formulas to return the same result.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Minimising file size (2000)

    Have you checked whether the filesize really resembles the amount of data in the wkbk?

    Are there any sheets where pressing control-End takes you far beyond the really last cell with data?

    If so, delete all entire rows and columns beyond your datarange and save the file.

    To the formula size: Maybe you can assign (parts of) a large formula to a name (insert, name, define) and use that. This especially will save space when the (part of the) formula is used in many places. It will also improve maintenance, because now you only need to modify this formula in one place i.s.o. in every cell it was used.
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