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    Old MDA AddIns (Access 2000 SR1)

    Hi there

    An college had made a Access 97 MDA Addin and has long since left and did not leave the source code.

    I am now needing to having to take the AddIn and update it to work with the rest of our system which we are moving to Access 2000 and I do not have Access 97 at all.

    Is there anyway I am able to gain access to the code within the AddIn at all?


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    Re: Old MDA AddIns (Access 2000 SR1)

    That depends. If the mda is not protected somehow, just open it in Access 2000 as you would any database, rather than as an add-in. You should be able to convert it to 2000, and it will still work as a database but not as an add-in without modifications.

    Keep in mind that add-ins in 2000 and later use a different number of records in USysRegInfo than in 97, and some add-ins won't work as you expected them to in 97 because of the shift to a true VBE environment for code.

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