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    Bookmark Icon (IE 6.0)

    When I click on "links" on my IE toolbar, I get a drop down box and one of the selections is for my "bookmarks". The icon for this is the standard white page with the MS logo on it and it is annoying the %#$^@! out of me ... it's REALLY annoying. Unlike all my other links that you right click / properties / change icon, I cannot see any way to change THIS particular icon in the usual way of going to properties. So I am hoping that this is a simple thing to do and someone can enlighten me ... please ... and thank you in advance for your help !

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    Re: Bookmark Icon (IE 6.0)

    "Bookmarks" is a special folder for imported links from Netscape Navigator. If you don't want to use it, click Favorites | Organize Favorites, highlight it on the right pane and click Delete button on the left pane.

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