If anyone has caveats, now is the time to mention them. If I'm the first to do this, well, it's nice to start a new thread .......

I have Win98SE installed on both my 6G and on my 20G drives. The drives are on rails. Only one of them at a time is in the only chassis I own.

I heard last week that OfficeXP would run under on Win98; I didn't know that, so I installed it on my 6G system. Seems to work OK. I tickle it every day or two, seems harmless enoght.

Now I'm contemplating installing the OfficeXP on the 20G drive, my workday system.

I've read WOW703 and WOW704; Woody says go ahead and d//l the 17MB SR1, which I can start doing before going to sleep at night.

And most of the caveats don't apply to me (ZoneAlarm, Outlook etc).

I figure there's a chance the registration will choke, because it thinks I'm reinstalling on a different machine (only one Hard drive has changed) or on the same machine (only one Hard drive has changed). Either way I could have some explaining to do to whoever answers Microsoft's telephone nowadays.

Aprt from that - any suggestions, hints? I do a full backup each morning, and I'll be locking the backup for that day in a fireproof safe, you betcha.

Any tiups or tricks from those who have gone before would be appreciated.

This is a big step for me - using softweare that is current, and not six years old.