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    Exporting RECORDs to Excel (Access 97 SR2)

    Is it possible to extract records from a table into an Excel workbook and have each record create a worksheet within that workbook?

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    Re: Exporting RECORDs to Excel (Access 97 SR2)

    Yes it is - I would use OLE Automation to do it. The "transfer spreadsheet" command takes a table and converts it into a worksheet in Excel, so it won't do what you are after. A good reference on OLE Automation is The Access Developer's Handbook by Ken Getz, et. al. There is a specific example of working between Access and Excel in it. There are also several "How To" articles on the MS Knowledge Base, and there are several recent threads that touched on some of the issues. To be effective at it you should know a fair bit about using VBA both with Excel and with Access. Hope this helps.

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