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    Translation Feature of IE6 (IE6)

    I am now using MSIE6 and Windows ME. Reading some of my email I see that MSIE6 has an Translation Feature where you can change an email in German to English or some other language. Looking under tools I do not find any thing about doing this translation. I have the following questions: 1. How do I add different languages to IE? 2. How can I change IE so that the translation feature works and shows up under tools as it should? 3. If I must add a module for this to happen, how do I do it? 4. What is the auto-recognize about? 5. Is there a full version of IE? I down loaded IE 6 from the web.

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    Re: Translation Feature of IE6 (IE6)

    1. Translation is NOT the feature embedded in IE. That what you see is a link to the website that can translate your text for free. Since it is free service, number of languages is limited and translation quality is usually next to poor. You can find many of webpages like that (for example, FreeTranslation or Mezzofanti Translations).

    2. The aim of such "feature" is to lure you to buy a fully-scaled translation SOFTWARE from that translation provider. Depending of the program you would purchase, it can put add-ins into your IE.

    3. Usually these programs are limited to translate only to and from one language, you must pay for any additional language (you can call it "module", if you want).

    3. Some webpages are written in languages other than English, that means, using characters not present in English (Latin) alphabet. To show these webpages properly, you must recognize first what character set was used. Auto-recognize does this job.

    5. To install additional features for IE, connect to the Internet, navigate to IE6SETUP.EXE file (usually in C:Program FilesInternet Explorer folder) and double-click it. Than accept the agreement and choose "Install minimal, or customize your browser" options, then select additional features from the list. You can also order IE Setup CD by mail. Visit Microsoft website for details.

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