I have had trouble with file>save in trying to save email inboxes from web based email like Hotmail and
Yahoo to my hard drive to make room. I understand how it can be done in Outlook Express. I am also having
trouble saving a number of web pages to the hard drive (choosing My Documents or sometimes Desktop).
On the pull down menu are four options and the one I am always told to use is the first or default which is
Save as Webpage.complete (*.htm or *.html). But that sure does not work to save an email inbox (so I can
access the messages later and open them just as I would when I go to the inbox and delete them from the
actual inbox to make room in the email because of individual server limitations Hotmail 2 MB and Yahoo formerly
6MB now 4 MB. )
Some web pages will not save correctly. This includes forum answers and threads.
One solution given to me (but tedious) is to save each email as text in Notepad, Wordpad, or Word. But that
would me pasting individual emails and if some of the emails are from CNet, NY Times, this doesn't work well--
and I want to save all the html and graphics.

The options that I don't understand well and can't get explained in Windows Help or on the KB and possibly
briefly are explained in something like Running Explorer 5.5 MS Press--Running 6.0 isn't out yet or may be
briefly explained in the MS Press Internet Explorer 6 Resource Kit.

These are the options that I have to use that I don't understand and can't distinguish in order of their appearance
on the pulldown from top to bottom:

File>Save(then in the Pulldown menu):
1) Webpage.complete (*htm *html)
2) Webarchive .single file (*.mhf)
3) Webpage.HTML only (*.htm)
4) Text File (.txt)

When you try to save an email inbox using any of them--the first is often recommended you get a lot of
gifs and bit maps and basic jibbersith that is nothing like the web page you want to save (the inbox).
Among them are ones titled header files, 1.gif, footer. gif with nothing in them. Or the inbox will
turn out to be the current inbox, i.e. if you do the save, then delete the 20 emails on page 1 of
the inbox, you'll then see the empty inbox when you go to that file and open it wherever you
have "saved it."

Or even when some of them have saved like the inbox when you try to open the individual entry--for example
one that is titled CNet News--what you get is "message not found" and what you see is the hotmail compose
There has to be a convenient way to save web pages and email inbox pages to a hard drive. Obviously
that 's what the save function is about on the IE toolbar and probably has been there since Windows 3.1
in some form--certainly 95. But obviously I need help in using it.