My laptop will no longer boot properly running offline. I brought it home this weekend and can't use it. It's an IBM A20m running Win 98 SE and Microsoft Client for Networks. It worked last weekend; this weekend it doesn't. It will boot to the network logon, and then tell me that there is no domain server, and I'll click OK. Usually, it will just continue booting. However, now it just stops at this point. It might make it to the point where the Start bar starts to appear, but none of the system tray icons appear and none of the desktop icons appear. The only thing I can think of that's different from last weekend to this weekend is that when I ran Windows System Update to check on updates on the web, there was some Intel data driver that it said I didn't have, and I installed that. The laptop still works fine connected to the network through my network card and port replicator. And, I can boot it if I click cancel when the network logon appears, but then Outlook doesn't recognize me in offline mode and Mobiliti's Network Unplugged doesn't work properly because it doesn't know who I am either. Although I'll try to get our IT Dept to look at this issue next week, I thought I'd see if anyone here has had a similar problem and maybe offer a quick fix!


-Rich Belthoff