After coming out with Norton Internet Security 2002 and Antivirus 2002 sometime in October
to sync with Win XP (you could download a symevent.sys file from Symantec to make NAV 2001
run perfectly well with XP but it wasn't made easy to find or advertised for I think obvious reasons
to sell NAV 2002) Norton came out in December with added features in NAV and NIS and christened
the Norton Antivirus Professional and Norton Internet Securiity Professional. Among the new
pluses in the upgrades are seemlessly kicking the viruses off your system in the background
while you continue to work or have fun, script blocking so that when "I love you" or Anna
Kournikova comes your way wanting to tell you she loves you these threats will be eliminated
even before Symantec or other companies create new virus definition updates, scanning your
outgoing email as well as incoming as in the past, and an IE toolbar access for Norton--pretty
minor here since you could do this in a second yourself, enhanced file erasing, enhanced
data recovery, NAV for PDA's for NAV; for NIS packet inspection, privacy control, and
"productivity control" for those IT managers who feel the need to act in locus parentis for
their staffs to parent their sufring habits and control their access to web sites and newsgroups.
Surely the IT honchos wouldn't block access to Woody's Lounge!)
These features are all desirable--who wouldn't want them but what I am questioning
is Synmantec's Timing. I bought the 2001 series of NIS and System Works Professional because I
like what they purport to do and I wanted Ghost. Then with the release of Windows XP in order
to get all the features of these programs to work with XP I had to buy 2002. Now a literal month
later, Norton puts these features into an "upgrade" which actually didn't hit store shelves in
my large city until mid February 2002 --news releases say they came out in December).
Surely Norton had these in the wings and could have and I believe should have incorporated
them into NAV 2002 and NIS 2002 where people were spending $50 and $70 respectively if
they bought them as stand alones--of course Norton Internet Security and Norton System
Works always includes NAV.
I understand it's the nature of software to improve and upgrade. But I think this is much
different than a new upgrade of Windows like Longhorn, or a new NT kernel like Blackcomb.
And I think it's different from Partition Magic 6.0 and then a year later 7.0 and a year later 8.0
or Photoshop 6.0 and a year or more later Photoshop 7.0. These features are one month later
and ask for $40 to $60 respectively. I understand there are the "get them in 3 months if you're
lucky and they don't make a mistake" rebates from Arizona.--if they really wanted to make
the rebates meaningful because a high percentage of people don't bother they would give them
to you then and there at the store in the price point). Since I am sure there are some OEM's
and software vendors on this forum and possibly people from Symantec I just wanted to get
some perspective. I find a one month upgrade unfair and think if Microsoft and some large
third party software vendors began doing this there would be a ground swell of reaction
from the public. Am I the only one surprised by a price doubling and a one month upgrade
of features that were obviously available to Symantec when they made the big release
of boxes compatible with XP?