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    attachments (Outlook 2000 Pro)

    is there a way, like using the rules wiz., i can save all attachments from a specified sender? i use an edi service. they send orders to us from our customers in a txt file. that file needs to be imported to our db. i can probably write a script in vbs or even a bat file that can do the importing but i dn't quite know how to get the attachment yet. the way we do it now is, when the email shows up, we manually save the attachment to a special folder where we can work with it. any ideas would be appreciated. thanks in advance


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    Save Attachments as Files with Rules(Outlook 2000)

    In Outlook 2000, rules can interact with the file system in the Rules Wizard using Custom Actions. However, packaging something as a Custom Action is a little beyond my ability to do or explain. You can find Custom Actions on the web that will do a wide variety of things, and after consulting the Slipstick Custom Actions for Rules page, I found that you can evaluate CaSaveAtt for 30 days to see if it provides $25 worth of value.

    You also can use VBA to sense the arrival of new messages and take actions on them. The simplest way to do this is to add the following procedure to your ThisOutlookSession code pane:

    Private Sub Application_NewMail()
    ' Your code here
    End Sub

    Once you filter through the messages to the ones you are looking for, saving the attachment as a file is simple with the SaveAsFile method. Here's an example from the Lounge archives: Re: How to copy an attachment.

    VBA in Outlook is great for personal solutions, but distributing VBA code for Outlook to a number of computers is somewhat messy (Thread 1, Thread 2); the commercial solution might be better (chew up fewer resources, net net) in that case. Hope this helps.

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