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    track change a Top Gun required


    We are a legal firm with custom templates & word heading autonumering styles.

    The issue is when users has track changes on
    when they make amendments to a paragraph containing autonumbering
    the result is :
    a below paragraph with autonumbering on is track changed & the autonumber is changed & displayed from the next continous number to reset to 1.
    (however in this doc the heading 2 style autonumbering has been set to start at 57 - would usually be 1.)

    attached is screen dump.
    I would like to attach sample of doc however I've winzipped & the file size is 250K

    para's (page 112)
    76.2 = heading 3
    76.3 = heading 3

    for para 76.3 its track changed & rest numbering to 57.3
    (this has been picked up from heading 2 style which is to start at 57 - normally this number is to start at 1.
    heading 2 is set to restart numbering from higher level
    so I assumed a heading 1 or 2 style was between the 2 paragraphs but its not.

    There were heading 1 styles in the doc - however I have removed all heading 1 styles & applied normal styles.

    Is my explanation clear?
    Has anyone experienced this & how do I resolve.
    Would it be due to our custom word heading styles?
    thanks in advance - Diana
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