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    track change a Top Gun required -Part1


    We are a legal firm with custom templates & word heading autonumering styles.

    The issue is when users has track changes on
    when they make amendments to a paragraph containing autonumbering
    the result is :
    a below paragraph with autonumbering on is track changed & the autonumber is changed & displayed from the next continous number to reset to 1.
    (however in this doc the heading 2 style autonumbering has been set to start at 57 - would usually be 1.)

    attached is screen dump
    I'm working on making doc in question file size smaller so I can post & you can see what I'm referring to.

    76.2 = heading 3
    76.3 = heading 3

    for para 76.3 its track changed & rest numbering to 57.3
    (this has been picked up from heading 2 style which is to start at 57 - normally this number is to start at 1.
    heading 2 is set to restart numbering from higher level
    so I assumed a heading 1 or 2 style was between the 2 paragraphs but its not.

    There were heading 1 styles in the doc - however I have removed all heading 1 styles & applied normal styles.

    Is my explanation clear?
    Has anyone experienced this & how do I resolve.
    Would it be due to our custom word heading styles?
    thanks in advance - Diana
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    Re: track change a Top Gun required -Part1

    Hi Diana,

    Word track changes, used in conjunction with autonumbering, is trouble to begin with. However it should be possible to get it to function reasonably reliably (as long as you don't use caret symbols to indicate deletions).

    Hard to tell what's going on, based on the explanation and screenshots, but one likelihood is that not all of the numbered paragraphs in the doc are associated with the same list template - somewhere along the line, things "branched".

    My cardinal rule is to never go to the Numbering > Customize dialog, unless your cursor is in a paragraph whose style is an example of the first level in the outline numbering list.

    In this outline numbering list, you have Heading 1 assigned to the first level - but as you say, you've applied Normal style to all the paras that had Heading 1 applied to them.
    One outcome of doing this is that you now have no reliable way to ensure, when you go to the Customize dialog, that you are working with the correct list template.
    And the fact that Heading 1 doesn't have any numbering associated with it further complicates things. To avoid trouble, it's probably best to avoid having a style at the first level of the outline numbering list, which doesn't have numbering associated with it.

    What I'd do with this document:
    Turn off "track changes while you edit", and accept all track changes.
    Rebuild the outline numbering list so that your Heading 1 style produces the "1." numbering and Heading 2 produces the "1.1" number.
    Then I'd reapply all the numbering styles throughout the document (which operation can be sped up using Find/Replace).

    Hope this helps,

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