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    Unexpected language changes in Excel (97 SR???)

    I inherited this shop with 150 Win 95 and 98 users running Office 97 off their server. Every so often their menus in MS Excel (and sometimes MS Word too) will revert to what looks like Chinese, Japanese or Korean (I can't tell the difference, OK?). I imagine it might have something to do with the code pages, but I drew a blank at MSKB, probably because I don't know the correct terminology to describe the condition. When the condition appears, it only affects MS Office apps, tho.... like when you pull up NotePad its menus are still in English.
    Wonder if anyone here could point me in a useful direction. Anyone here seen this before, or have a guess at what might be causing this condition. Thank you kindly in advance.
    Bruce A. Dixon
    Atlanta GA USA

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    Re: Unexpected language changes in Excel (97 SR???)

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    With what you are describing, I guess it is time to reinstall Office. <img src=/S/bummer.gif border=0 alt=bummer width=15 height=15>

    Sorry but this behavior is way too weird to live with. No need to ponder the issue, simply reinstall and get a fresh copy out there. If you also have time, yeah right, do a virus scan and some maintenance as well.

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