This is Brian from New Jersey.
I posted looking for help with a legal pleading and creating a template. I got 3 or 4 responses within a day from several people and all the help and advice was a great help. My issue was placing a caption with the law firm's address in the lower left corner to the left of the double vertical lines! A text box was the answer, but I had tried it without success. Members of this forum wrote in and told me to use a text box and deselect the "move with text" option. This did not work! For whatever was a drawing canvas issue. I placed the drawing canvas at the very top of the template and scaled it down to 1 inch by inch to get it out of the way. IT WORKED! The text box stopped moving. I guess the Enter/Returns were pushing the drawing canvas down the page, thus moving the text box with it.
I was lucky enough to guess and figured out the cause.

Thanks, thanks, thanks to all the great people that helped me and went out of their way! I am now going to come here regularly!

Brian - computer and network consultant for small businesses
New Jersey