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    Rounding (Access 97)

    I'm looking for a way to take 3 numbers and round them to the nearest .25". The Round function works differently than in Excel (Excel allows =ROUND((SUM(G9,H9,I9)/3)*4,0)/4 - messy but it works)

    Excel also allows lookup tables which could be used when the last switch is true (meaning that exact matches are not necessary - anything up to X value is returned). Not exactly the same as the nearest .25", but would be fine. Tried finding a way to do this with Dlookup, but didn't find a way to eliminate the need for an exact match.

    I could get into VBA and write a select statement off of a X mod Y to determine if the remainder is < .25, < .5, ... but I'm guessing there is a better way.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Rounding (Access 97)


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