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    Formfield Problem - Can't Select 1st Entry (Word 2K)

    I have a bunch of PCs that have a problem with drop-down formfields in that users cannot select the 1st item; however, they can select all others. I've done enough research to know that it's specific to just these PCs. I'm currently collecting more information on the problem but it seems to me that this is a .dll issue. Does anyone know what .dll in Word 2000 controls 'formfields'? My plan is to compare versions of this .dll on good vs. bad PCs and investigate from this angle.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Re: Formfield Problem - Can't Select 1st Entry (Word 2K)

    I'm unencumbered by knowledge, but I would delete Oleaut32.dll and repair office from the CD. <img src=/S/crossfingers.gif border=0 alt=crossfingers width=17 height=16>
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