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    execute file on harddrive via link (2000)

    I would like to be able to send an e:mail that contains a link to a file that is already on the recipient's harddrive. When they click on the link, I would like the file on their harddrive to be executed. (This happens to be a BAT file.)

    I understand that Microsoft's current security setup impedes this from happening --- it warns of a potential virus and gives you the option to save the file to your harddrive. (I don't want to save it, as it is already on their harddrive.)

    Is there a way I can do something in Outlook that would allow the recipient to execute the file on their harddrive by just clicking on something? (Rather than explaining to them how to save the file to their harddrive and then executing it. Then I could just as easily send instructions on how to find and execute the file where it currently resides on their harddrive.)

    (What I would really like is for Microsoft to upgrade their security logic so it is intelligent enough to realize the file is already on the harddrive and give you an option to execute as opposed to forcing you to save it to the harddrive a second time. Unfortunately, I don't have a forum to bring this suggestion before them. Any suggestions?)

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    Re: execute file on harddrive via link (2000)

    if MS didn't do it the way they are now, or block bats from running, you could easily convince someone to format c: with files already on their drive [img]/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img] are long as there are lemmings for users, the security blocks are necessary.

    you'll need to send the link as a text link - the easiest might be to tell them to copy and paste it in the run command, but you might make it clickable using file://, i never tried.

    BTW, if the user has the email attachment security update, they'll never have access to the bat to save it. (unless they are using something like chilton preview to let them get attachments)

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