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    Increasing Handles

    I recently installed Windows XP and noticed when looking at the Task Manager that the file handles are constantly increasing. After a couple of days, there can be over 300,000 handles. Is this normal? Does it make sense? Is there anything to worry about.

    Thanks for any comment.

    George Lazar

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    Re: Increasing Handles

    The number of handles all by itself wouldn't necessarily be a cause for concern. Much of it depends on the machines use and role. For example, heavy file sharing could cause something like this, as could an errant program. However, if the file system is slow, or overall performance suffers, it could be an indication of a larger problem. If your performance isn't suffering, I wouldn't be inclined to sound alarm bells.

    Do the number of handles reach a peak and stay there? Do they ever decrement? Do the number of threads and processes increase along with the handles? These are all tied together.

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