I was looking for this a few weeks back, and someone replied, and I can't find who it was.

Anyway, I found the page again on the web, and gave implemented the BootMenuDelay successfully in Win98SE. FWIW pasted below is the link, plus a snippet of the page, plus two other links.

C A V E A T I've only played with the BootMenuDelay and can't vouch for the other tips, in Win98 or any other version.


BootDelay=n Sets the initial startup delay to n seconds. The only purpose for
the delay is to give you sufficient time to press F8 after the Starting
Windows 95 message is displayed. The default is 2.

BootGUI=1 Enables automatic graphical interface startup. BootGUI=0 disables
this setting (you'll boot to a prompt instead of Win95)

BootKeys=1 Enables the special startup option keys (F5, F6, and F8). Setting
this value to 0 prevents any startup keys from functioning. If you're a
systems administrator, this setting lets you configure a more secure system.

BootMenu=0 Makes the Windows 95 Startup menu appear by default.

BootMenuDelay=n Sets the number of seconds to display the Windows Startup menu
before running the default menu item. The default is 30.

BootMulti=1 Activates Dual Boot feature. Setting this value to 1 lets you
start MS-DOS by pressing F4. This option is disabled by default in Windows 95,
and is not available when you press F8 to use the Startup menu unless the
value is set to 1.