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    Autonumbers and undo event (Acc97 sr2)

    I have a quote form with an autonumber field for the quote number. I have a cancel button with an undo command in it.

    The undo command removes the record that was been started, but the autonumber sequence is not reset. ie

    record #7 begun but cancelled partway through, next record begun will be #8 not #7.

    This db is a 5 user setup over LAN. Is there another of doing this so that the numbering stays correct?
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    Re: Autonumbers and undo event (Acc97 sr2)

    Hi weyrman

    I made this rookie mistake as well. Charlotte, Mark and many others have answered this question many times.

    Autonumbers are not designed to provide a sequential number for invoice, po, quote no, etc.

    You will have to setup a table with last number used ot feed your sequential quote number so that its unique. Also need provision to adjust it if record started is canceled as described in your original post.

    Do a post search on autonumber and you will see all sorts of do's and don'ts for using autonumber.


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