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NoCommonGroups was 1, I set it to 0 and rebooted... All's OK now!

Erik Jan


Found a possible solution in a newsgroup, will try tonight @ home:
"...the problem was caused by tweaking with Xteq X-Setup after messing with the settings for Appearance > Start Menu > Options > Display Options. All I did was check "show start->programs with multiple columns" which I guess turns off scrolling.

Here's a MS Knowledge Base article:;EN-US;q292504


When I log-in (as admin in XP Home), yesterday I still had all my start-up
folders (which seemed to be a combination of my own (cocuments and
SettingsMyNameStart Menu) AND the "All Users" menu.
This is how I expected it to be.

Today, I only see the startmenu which is listed under my name and NOT the
"All Users" one... Note that this All_Users one does still exist in the
normal location....


Erik Jan