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    delete relationships with code (Access 2000)

    Can i delete relationship with code?

    I have an automated function that sends four tables to a database. After that i perform append queries
    and thben i want to delete these tables but i cannot because of the relationships.
    The tables in question are
    customers- orders - orderdetails-products
    the tables which i send are:
    customers1- orders1 - orderdetails1-products1

    I want to delete the last tables namely :customers1- orders1 - orderdetails1-products1

    The tables are related as folows
    customerid in the tables orders has a primary key and is connected with the table orders with a customerid in the orders.
    and so on

    Is there any function called Delete Relationship that can do the job?

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    Re: delete relationships with code (Access 2000)

    Have a look at this post. There is some code to delete a relationship.

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