<P ID="edit" class=small>Edited by BarryC on 23-Feb-02 04:44.</P>I use Hotmail as my e-mail server. Recently reformatted (XP) hard disk. Before formatting had saved (backed up), or tried to, Outlook Express folders. Have different *.pst files saved on my hard disk with different versions of files "saved". After re-install have successfully now recovered my Hotmail folders. But Personal Folders from the "Outlook.pst" used as the data file are blank. Other data files contain only data for Personal Folders. How can I install/import the contents of my Personal Folders?

For those who may encounter the same problem, I worked on problem and came up with solution. Located the .dbx files for the particular folders I wanted to recover. (Did a file search in Windows Explorer for all *.dbx files. Then reviewed the list to determine the directory where the Outlook Express kept its current files. Was also able to do this by using Import Files Wizard in Outlkook Express and noting it's current default directory. Next compared the list in this Outlook Express directory against all the other .dbx files found in my search. After isolating the one I wanted to add, I copied them to a new, clean folder. Then it was a simple matter of Importing Files into Outlook Express, selecting this new folder as the source. Result was that I had recovered the lost folders with all the old messages that were saved in them. I had some duplicates, but these were simple to delete.