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    Word 97 Problem (97)


    Does anyone have an idea to solve this problem?

    Thanks for your help.

    Bob Wahlen
    CCS-Computer Support

    "... are trying to publish a grammar of their target language
    that was done many years ago. The document was converted from a pre-DOS
    format to Winword 6 by ... and subsequently converted to
    Winword 6 (German) under Win 3.11 German. Later on they upgraded to Win
    98 and Word 97 (German). It has been heavily (several months work) edited by
    them for formatting issues using Word 97(German) under Windows 98(German).

    The dilemma is that Word will not allow any changes to the page layout,
    section layout, page numbering - the whole page setup. It will not allow
    you to even click OK on the page setup dialog, even if no changes were
    made -- you can only click cancel. The same problem occurs with
    sectioning -- you can't appear to change some of the section formatting,
    such from "continuous" to "next page." They can add new sections and
    edit them.

    This obviously is affecting their ability to format it for printing. Do
    you have ideas of what could be the solution to this problem? They have
    tried creating a new document and cutting/pasting into this new
    document, but the problem then occurs in the new document."

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    Re: Word 97 Problem (97)

    It may be a long shot, but try looking at the column layout settings -- it should be set for one column, but the margins may be set in an unusual manner.

    Hope this helps.

    SJ Miller

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    Re: Word 97 Problem (97)

    Your problems are likely in your section breaks (including the last paragraph mark in the document).

    Try copying a section at a time, without the section breaks. (You'll lose your headers and footers as well this way, sorry.)
    Charles Kyle Kenyon
    Madison, Wisconsin

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