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    SW that can read e-mail archives

    Is anyone aware of any app that can read the messages embedded in old e-mail archives? Specifically, I have stowed away somewhere a Compuserve file cabinet file as well as numerous files from AT&T pre-Windows days from at&tmail (not sure, but it probably was a tweak of starmail). To the best of my knowledge, Outlook Express and Outlook will not import these. If I'm wrong, please correct me (and show me how, of course). I don't need a full app, necessarily, since I just need a one-time recovery. Some sort of file filter would be fine.

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    Re: SW that can read e-mail archives

    Found this for the CServe file:

    No luck with AT&TMail. Do you have file extensions? Have you looked at the files with a Hex editor? Some of the old e-mail file formats were plaintext with a proprietary database header format per message.

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