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    Published web scattered and growing (Frontpage 2000)

    I don't know enough to ask this, but I promised I would.
    Several departments publish pages to a common Internet website. The resultant web files are scattered all over the ISP's site and the combined size tripled. There was no problem with FTP, but these folks want to utilize the server extension, so they have used the command to Publish. Even knowledgeable users are getting scattered files, so it must be something that's not obvious. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Published web scattered and growing (Frontpage 2000)

    We only publish from one PC that maintains the master FrontPage web. If your users have duplicated the web to a number of PCs, or are trying to publish portions of a web to the same set of folders, all heck probably will break loose. If you need multiple people to be able to publish to the same web site, problems could be reduced by having each person publish to a specific folder with zero overlap. Other people's webs should link to these independent folders as though they were completely distinct web sites. Which in a sense they are.

    As for files being scattered, I don't know what you mean. ??? The people with direct knowledge of their problem ought to come on board and describe it in more detail, rather than asking you to do it and not giving you enough information to explain it.

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