Win98se. IE 5.5 sp2

I have WSH 5.6 installed. I downloaded and ran the vbs55men.exe patch.

According to the bulletin:
The English version of the Internet Explorer 5.5 for Windows Me, Windows 98,
and Windows NT 4.0 update should have the following file attributes or
Date Time Version Size File name
06-Jun-2000 15:43 5.50.4134.600 92,432 Advpack.dll

21-Jan-2002 11:46 977 Vbs55men.inf

02-Jan-2002 17:01 458,813 Vbscript.dll

06-Jun-2000 15:43 4.71.704.0 2,272 W95inf16.dll

06-Jun-2000 15:43 4,608 W95inf32.dll

I do not have a Vbs55men.inf.

These are my versions of the other files:

Advpack.dll 5.50.4807.2300 (residing in C:WindowsSystem)
Advpack.dll 5.50.4134.600 (residing in C:Program filescommon
filemicrosoft shareddasetup)
W95inf16.dll 4.71.704.0
W95inf32.dll 4.71.0017.0

As you can see, my W95inf32.dll is an earlier version. According to
"Properties" it was created Thursday, February 14, 2002 8:27:59 PM, &
modified Tuesday, September 17, 1996 10:01:28 AM

Windows Update does not indicate that I need a patch.

Since I have WSH 5.6, could this be causing the disparity? Should I apply
the patch for IE 6 ( which dosen't seem advisable) or just leave it alone?