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    Menus and toolbar not active after task switch (97/Sr2,QFE8909)

    Users have Word 97 and Outlook 98 on Win95b. After updating Word and
    Outlook with several patches (including in Outlook the attachment-blocking
    Security Update, and in Word, the cumulative "wd97mcrs.exe" patch -- All
    users had already had SR-2 installed, and wd97mcrs.exe appears to have
    installed completely), users began reporting being "frozen" in Word.

    After doing a little experimenting, I find that when a Wordmail/Outlook
    message is open, and you task-switch (using either the Windows Start Bar or
    Alt-Tab) to an open Word document, you cannot activate any Word menus or the
    buttons on any of the toolbars. They do not seem "live" in that they do not
    pop-out when the cursor is hovered above them, and clicking (or
    right-clicking) them does not produce any effect. Neither do the "Alt" menu
    shortcuts, such as Alt-F, do anything. The funny thing is that text in the
    document can be selected by the mouse or by keyboard, and "text-affecting"
    actions can be caused via keyboard shortcuts, like Ctrl-B, but the mouse
    actions on the menus or toolbar buttons do nothing.

    There are two actions I've seen so far that get you the buttons and menus
    1. Minimize (or maximize) and then restore Word.
    2. Click a second time on the Word button in the Windows Sart Bar.

    This behavior did not occur before the updates, but I don't know with which
    update it started, although I suspect the "wd97mcrs.exe" patch. I can't
    seem to find anything about it, but I may be using the wrong search terms.

    Has anyone else experienced this, or know what I can do to fix this? I will
    send a quick note to the users to let them know the workarounds, but I'd
    like to be able to fix this.



    PS. If anyone has a suggestion as to where else I might go for help, I would aprpeciate it.

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    Re: Menus and toolbar not active after task switch (97/Sr2,QFE8909)

    Early versions of WordMail were quite buggy. If people have a strong preference for WordMail and you can swing the upgrade cost, I hear it finally works mostly in Office XP.

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