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    Howto cr distribution list fr email w/ 20 recipts (2000)

    This has happened a couple times. I get an email sent to me as a member of a group with 15 or more persons, some of whom are, but many other of whom are not in my contacts lists. Is there a few step procedure which will add all the names contained in the to or cc list on an email, to a distribution list in my contacts.

    My solution so far was very trying. Left click. Add to contacts list. Create distribution list, and one by one add the persons from the email list to the new distribution list. There has to be a much better way. Any ideas??

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    Re: Howto cr distribution list fr email w/ 20 recipts (2000)

    If you are using Exchange or Notes and there is a general need to share distribution lists, these should be built on the server. They will then be available to everyone via the global address list.

    Or, perhaps you can ask the sender to forward their personal dl to you. You can then drag it to your contacts folder.

    Otherwise, I'm not aware of any feature in Outlook or an add-in that will do what you want. Maybe someone else knows of something...

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