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    paste from Excel to Word (Word97 serv rel 2)

    Hi. I have a Word Document , and I need to paste a small range of cells from an Excel Spreadsheet into a second page of the Word Document. My boss would like this automated since it is repetitive. Can anyone offer me some guidance?

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    Re: paste from Excel to Word (Word97 serv rel 2)

    Is it always the same Word and Excel documents? Is the relevant part of Excel a named range? Would linking them be a solution (so the Word doc would display the current info from the Excel sheet)?

    Tell us a little more about the number of documents involved and where the most time is lost.

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    Re: paste from Excel to Word (Word97 serv rel 2)

    Copy from the Excel file and in Word - choose Paste Special and make sure the Paste Link option is selected. Play around with the Paste As options to see what gives you the best functionality.

    This method relys heavily on you not moving or renaming the source document (excel file) and that everyone who opens the word document sees the same excel file with the same full file path (ie they can't have the drive mapped differently unless full URL path happens to be used). You can check the path after pasting the link by selecting and revealing the field code.
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