I've just had a problem when working on a Word 2000 template. I was building a large complex custom dialog with four frames and a number of check boxes and option buttons. I was nearly finished, and I saved the template. I then decided to move one of the larger frames closer to the smaller frame above it. As I grabbed and dragged the frame, it disappeared. I thought perhaps it had slipped inside the smaller frame, but that wasn't the case. I went to the code and began typing the name of the frame: fraBene... and hit Ctrl-Spacebar to finish. Indeed, the VBA editor complete that to fraBenefit. That told me that frame was still there, albeit "hiding."

I decided to close the template without saving so I could get back to the state of things as of my last save. I closed the template, chose NOT to save. I then opened the template again, and the frame was still missing from the dialog. I removed the form from the template, saving it. I then imported the form.... hoping this would set things right. It did not.

Two questions: What might have happened to make it disappear as I dragged? And at what point does the template project actually get saved? I found found that sometimes *I* am the one to be saved when Word seems to have saved a template that I assumed had not been saved. In this particular case, I had not compiled the template after seeing the frame disappear. So there was no save and no compile, yet the template project was saved without the frame in place as it had been the last time I actually saved.

Richard Barrett